For decades Huntsville has relied on Star Super Market for an outstanding selection of meat, seafood and poultry. We are pround to carry this tradition on with our Heritage Pride,Premium Angus, Fresh and Frozen Seafood and Specialty Meats and Cuts. You won't find a better selection anywhere in town!



Meats you should not freeze:

Sliced meats such as bacon and lunch meat should only be frozen if they are vacuum packed. When not vacuum packed they can develop a rancid flavor within a matter of days or weeks.


Broiling tips

• When instructions call for broiling 4 inches from the heat source, this means 4 inches from the heating source to the top of the food. Use a ruler to judge properly.
• To make clean-up easier, spray the broiler and drip tray with cooking spray or cover with foil.
• Trim off excess fat to avoid flare-ups. Putting a slice of bread in the drip pan will soak up oil drips and also help to avoid flare-ups.

US Center for Disease Control & Prevention


FDA's Food Information & Seafood
Hotline: 888-723-3366


USDA's Meat and Poultry
Hotline: 800-535-4555